Helping our Veterans

I’ve observed, in many situations, where there are Veterans who simply will not ask for help.  I am assuming it is pride, and the self-reliant attitude that keeps many Veterans from asking for assistance.  As with all bureaucracies there is paperwork;  but our team has been through it before, and, we can help with it again.  Many “care agencies” simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with insurance claims and assisting in applying for veterans benefit programs.  We welcome the “hassle”.   If you know a Veteran that could use some assistance then call us…………… we can help encourage them to take advantage of  a benefit that they have earned and should feel no embarrassment about applying for.

Below I have paraphrased some promotional literature that is focused on helping Veterans obtain assistance.

Veterans Benefits

Comfort Keepers® Is Honored to Serve Our Nation’s Veterans

We feel privileged to care for veterans who served our nation in its time of need.  We provide you with the information to work through the paperwork to help you avoid potential pension claim delays.  Once you become an approved participant in a VA program, Comfort Keepers will provide the quality care and companionship our veterans deserve.  There are several programs for which an individual may qualify:

Who Qualifies?

If you or your spouse served 90 consecutive days of active military duty – at least one of those days during a U.S. declared war – you are already partially qualified.

Other qualifications include specific financial criteria and documented physical need for in-home care.

To begin the application process, you will need:

  • Original discharge certificate
  • Marriage certificate (divorce papers from any prior marriages, if applicable)
  • Death certificate of veteran (if applicable)
  • Social Security numbers for the veteran and spouse

If you think you may qualify for one of the VA programs, contact Tony at: 850 687 0791

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  1. Bill says:

    Hey, how would I find discharge paperwork for my dad?

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